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Diabetes and getting your Medical Examiner’s Certificate

Are you a commercial driver who is diabetic and using insulin?  Insulin treated diabetes mellitus (ITDM) is one of the four non-discetionary standards.  Other medical conditions that are also non-discretionary (meaning the medical examiner must follow certain rules or laws set by the FMCSA in determining driver qualification) are history of epilepsy or seizures, not meeting the vision standards and or the hearing standards .   A special piece of paper called an exemption is required, and can only be issued by the FMCSA to a driver who doesn’t the standards, after a thorough review of their application (includes detailed medical and driving history), and after a public notice and comment period.   If you have ITDM, find out here how to go about getting started in obtaining your medical examiner’s certificate

Diabetes and getting your Medical Examiner’s Certificate.

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