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Still time for OOIDA members to enroll in customized health and wellness program: Land Line Magazine

Drivers be prepared form your next DOT physical with OOIDA’s Human Factor Health-Well For Life Program.  I have been seeing an increasing number of drivers in my office with significant medical issues well beyond the more common hypertension, diabetes and the sleep apnea issues.  Since the certified medical examiner program has started it seems that drivers with other significant medical issues like undiagnosed kidney disease, recurrent lung infections, psychiatric issues, as well as other less common systemic medical conditions are showing up.  This is not to scare any driver because the majority will be healthy enough to pass their physical.  However, if you know you have a condition (and some of you may already know who you are), make sure you consult with your treating physician and look into some the wellness programs out there like OOIDA’s.  ( As a disclosure: I am a medical doctor performing DOT physicals for over 6 years concerned with driver’s health and I am in no way affiliated with OOIDA).  Out of concern for drivers and to help them better prepare for their DOT physical I write these blogs and point them to articles or resources that I think may be helpful to them such as the one that follows.

Still time for OOIDA members to enroll in customized health and wellness program: Land Line Magazine.

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