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Truckers having DMV problems |



I haven’t heard anything about any forms or certificates getting lost from the drivers I’ve seen.  It’s either they didn’t submit the mc-11A self certification form, or they say they never received it.  Once they do submit the form I haven’t heard of any other problems.  As far as errors from the DMV, I’ve had a driver tell me that his medical examiner’s certificate was returned to him because the DMV said one or more checkboxes on the top or at the back of the medical examiner’s certificate was not checked off.  Those boxes usually refer to the requirement for corrective lenses, hearing aids or special exemptions or SPE Certificate and none of them actually applied to him.  My best guess was that because he had a very common name, his form may have been confused with someone else’s.  I told him to resubmit his medical examiner’s certificate and let the DMV know that we reviewed it and did not find that any of the boxes applied to him

Truckers having DMV problems |

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