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Dangers of Over The Counter Sexual Enhancement Pills- Truckers Please Skip That Aisle


I see a lot of men with erectile dysfunction in my practice.  Some are just eager to show me bag full of these over the counter (OTC) supplements that they’ve paid good money for, but to their dismay don’t work.  Well I got tired of seeing those bag full of pills after a while, but I must admit that sometimes I can’t resist some of the colorful names on the bottles like Black Ant, X-zone Gold etc…  When some of these guys start bragging about some pill they got from the gas station that actually works better than viagra, they get stumped when I ask them how they know there isn’t viagra or cialis in them?  The most interesting packages I’ve seen are the ones completely written in some foreign language with symbols I don’t even recognize (and yes they actually expect me to tell them what the ingredients are ).  Well, not too surprisingly, there’s another recall report released from the FDA.

On March 27, 2014 , it was reported by the FDA that after analyzing the ingredients of over the counter (OTC) sexual enhancement pills from Nova Products, of Pennsylvania, they found them to contain undeclared amounts of the FDA approved erectile drugs viagra, cialis and levitra.  These products with names like “African Black Ant” are marketed as dietary supplements and sold OTC in blister packs, envelopes or bottles.  Many men use these so-called “natural remedies” without realizing the potential risks involved.  These type of supplements, as we’ve seen here and in prior reports can sometimes contain real medications that can interact with other prescribed medications that patients may be on.   In the case of men on nitrates, the resultant drop of blood pressure from these interactions can be potentially deadly.   See FDA link for more information about the recall.  Always consult your doctor before taking any medications, even those OTC.

Truck drivers on the average being in the age group of men more prone to developing erectile dysfunction (40 years of age and older) should be particular careful as there are constant reminders and enticements on the road from advertisers for these sexual enhancement pills.   Remember side effects from any OTC pills, not just sexual enhancement pills but pills for flu and cold symptoms, or stimulants to keep you awake can potentially have dangerous side effects that can impair safe driving.  Always consult your doctor first, and don’t forget to list your OTC pills when you come in for your DOT physical examination.

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